Friday, November 7, 2014

Fitness And Wellness Freebie Friday

I wanted to show you my latest new friend, it is the foam roller.  I have so many knots in my left calf it is really giving me the fits.  Physical therapy is almost over and I'm walking better so thank heavens for that.

I have some great finds for you this week so clip some coupons, try a new workout or sign up for a free e-book.

Food Delivery Programs

The South Beach Diet Food Delivery Program (Holiday special: $40 off your first order and free shipping)

Fitness Wear and Equipment Deals and Steals

Bluefish Activewear Sale (Go to the sales page) 
30% OFF Veteran's Day Sale

Foam Rollers by Power Systems

Power Systems  Free Shipping of orders over $99
The coupon code is NEWU14 and the offer is good through January 8th.


1 comment:

  1. I could sure use that foam roller on my shoulder right about now. It is so tight that it hurts. I am going to go lift some weights in a little bit and hopefully it goes away.