Friday, August 8, 2014

Free Diabetic Recipe Book And Other Health Guides

Free 28-Day Diabetic Meal Plan

I have several friends and neighbors who are diabetic and they could use this recipe book.  Every holiday, they seem to go overboard with the gluttony of the season, be it the 4th of July or Thanksgiving.  Just because it is a healthier, low fat and low calorie recipe does not make it inedible.  In fact, these recipes can be quite good, you have to give it a try.

Do you have diabetic family members, friends or co-workers who could use this recipe guide?  Send them this post because the book is free.  If they try any of the recipes and they like them, tell me about it and I will interview that person for the blog.  We have to spread the word about healthy eating especially to heavier families.

Here are other free guides you can download and send to friends:

Knee Pain Guide

Multiple Sclerosis Connect Free Guide

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  1. Hey!! Glad to know about this diabetic recipe book. My dad is a diabetic patient. For him have to prepare different recipes. I take easy recipes from Nom Photo App. There found great collection of such recipes. Really happy with them.